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DEFINITION OF CRUX: NOUN \ˈKReKS, ˈKRuKS\: The most important part of something, an essential + vital point requiring an outcome. Literal meaning is a cross. Synonyms: centerpiece, core, essence, the heart of the matter.

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The Power of That “Thing” …

It’s amazing really, what happens, when you suddenly realize what your soul has been yearning for.  And I mean beyond the love of God, husband, family + friends (the most important things in this world to me).  I mean that “thing” that really makes you feel whole as an individual;

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My Library

I spent the last 11 months, along with 5 other amazing ladies, on a beautiful journey called Titus 2 Mentoring Women.  It was a time of intense introspection, radical transformation + the greatest adventure I have ever been on in my life!  I have started a lovely library with some

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Spring Came…..and Went!

I’m sitting here stunned that it is already June!!  I always start revving up big projects + making plans in the Spring + year after year, without fail, I blink my eye + the blur of May begins.  I had full intentions of having a new collection ready by the end of May but

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